This home page provides you with information on the Okhotsk area in Hokkaido,the northernmost part of japan.

1.Nineteen Cities, Towns and Villages in the Okhotsk Area


Information on the municipalities
All 19 cities, towns and villages in this area are trying hard to develop their own unique personalities.
Oumu-cho Okoppe-cho Nishiokoppe-cho Monbetsu-shi
Takinoue-cho Kamiyubetsu-cho Yubetsu-cho Saroma-cho
Engaru-cho Oketo-cho Kunneppu-cho Kitami-shi
Abashiri-shi Ozora-cho Bihoro-cho Tsubetsu-cho
Koshimizu-cho Kiyosato-cho Shari-cho

2.Profile of the Okhotsk Area

Location Area Population
The Okhotsk area is located in the northernmost tip of Japan, the northeastern part of Hokkaido. There are 19 municipalities (cities, towns and villages) with a total area of 10,689 square kilometers.
The population of the area is approximately 350,000 but it has gradually been decreasing since its peak in the 35th year of Showa (1960).
Climate Nature History
The characteristics of the climate are little rainfall, with an annual average of about 810 V, and a great number of daylight hours all through the year. The natural environment here is deservedly called the "treasure house of nature" even when compared to the many other beautiful places in Japan. There are many historical remains throughout the area which demonstrate the history of Okhotsk.
Industry Tourism Transportation
The major industry is agriculture, mainly farming and dairy farming, forestry and fisheries. All year round many tourists visit the Okhotsk area where beautiful nature has been well preserved. Construction of transportation infrastructure in the Okhotsk area is now under way at a high speed for the 21st century.